Zeeland II

Zeeland II was launched at the John Brown & Co., Clydebank yard for the Red Star Line on November 24th, 1900, making her the line's biggest vessel at that time. Her maiden voyage the following year on April 13th was between Antwerp and New York.

Zeeland II's owners were the International Navigation Company, but in 1902, the company became the International Mercantile Marine Co., or I.M.M.

During 1909, Zeeland II collided with the S.S. Hartlepool in the Straits of Dover, causing damage to both ships.

The following year, Zeeland II was transferred to the White Star Line to replace the lost Republic II, and on April 19th, she made her first voyage between Liverpool and New York.

In 1911, once Olympic had begun her service between Southampton and New York, Zeeland II was returned to the Red Star Line.

In July 1914, Zeeland II was involved in another collision, this time it was the Atlantic Transport's Missouri she came in to contact with en route to New York. Wartime hostilities had closed the Antwerp route, so Zeeland II was once more returned to the White Star Line to cover for vessels that had been called up by the British Government, and Zeeland II found herself operating on the Liverpool - New York route, and then Liverpool - Canada.

In June, 1915, Zeeland II was taken-over for trooping duties, and at the same time, she lost her name because it was too German-sounding, and she became Northland.

In August 1916, she returned to White Star - Dominion Joint service to Canada.

In March 1917, she was taken-over by the Shipping Controller under the Liner Requisition Scheme.

She was decommissioned in September 1919.

In 1920, after a refit at Liverpool which included overhauling Northland's hulls, she then went to Belfast where she was then converted to oil burning. She was then refurnished at Antwerp, and renamed Zeeland II once again, resuming her Red Star Line duties in August sailing on the Antwerp - Southampton - New York route.

In 1924, Zeeland II was converted to tourist class.

In January, 1927, Zeeland II was sold to the Atlantic Transport Line, Liverpool, renamed Minnesota. Along with Megantic, she made one trooping voyage to Shanghai with Royal Marines aboard.

In October, 1929, Minnesota was sold to Thomas Ward & Co. shipbreaking company, and broken-up at Inverkeithing, as seen her in the map below.





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