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Felix N. Hansen contacted me to tell me of a poem she'd written around the time of the 90th Anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, and here it is, you can contact her to comment on her work by sending an email to piranhacat@earthlink.net




I am the Titanic, buried under the bitter waves
How tragic, the misfortune of such somber graves!
Listen to me now and hear my song
Of a maiden voyage gone terribly wrong

A glorious day when I first set to sail
So sturdy and powerful, how could I fail?
All splendor and grace, my funnels reached the skies
What fault could be seen in anyone's eyes?

As my passengers wished, I carried them to sea
Alas, they were far too overconfident in me!
Onward and onward they ordered me faster
For who could foresee any coming disaster?

Plunging into shadows as forward we sped
Too late the warning, iceberg straight ahead!
The ocean filled my heart, my bow weighted under
Flooding my soul until it tore me asunder

Down we sank into the fathoms beneath
Hidden away by the darkness's sheath
So remember me, shivering beauty, ship of dreams
Washed away forever with the echo of hopeless screams

And so do I rest in the deepest north Atlantic
Where I am the sunken, Unsinkable Titanic


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