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Your Work - Lynette TooleLynnette Toole has been a visitor to the site for a long time, but it's only recently that I found out that she does art as a hobby, and very well she does it too!

These first two classic three-quarter views of Titanic are very good. You can click on either for a larger version, which you can use as a background on your Windows desktop.

Your Work - Lynette TooleThe latest additions to her collection are these two works on the right. The first of the paintings is a view across the starboard bow to the bridge, and she made it, much to my disgust, using nothing more complicated or fancy than Microsoft Paint! The second image is a stern three-quarter view of Titanic, the smoke frm the funnels indicating that the ship is making good progress, sailing ever-closer to her Your Work - Lynette TooleYour Work - Lynette Toolefateful meeting in the North Atlantic.



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