Vedic was originally planned for emigrant work out of Europe, and at the time of her planning, she hadn't actually been allocated to any particular shipping line.

On December 18th, 1917, Vedic was launched at Harland and Wolff's Belfast yard. Vedic was the first Harland and Wolff vessel to be powered by turbines only.

In the June of 1918, Vedic underwent her sea trials, and then sailed to the Clyde, being handed over on July 10th.

On July 11th, Vedic began her maiden voyage on the Belfast - Clyde - Boston route, where she also began her trooping duties.

In September 1919, Vedic was used to repatriate British troops from northern Russia, and that same month, Vedic ran aground off the Orkney Islands, but she was re-floated safely.

Vedic was refitted at Middlesborough as a passenger liner, and placed on the Liverpool - Clyde - Canada emigrant route in 1920.

Vedic was placed on the Liverpool - Halifax - Portland, Maine for the winter of 1921, with a summer terminus of New York.

On May 17th, 1922, Vedic together with Poland, were placed on the Bremen - Southampton - Cherbourg - Quebec - Montreal route.

Vedic was refitted by Harland and Wolff in 1925 for the Liverpool - Australia migrant service of the White Star-Aberdeen and Blue Funnel Joint Service, with her first sailing for them in October. She was predominantly chartered by the Salvation Army, and flew their flag alongside White Star's.

On February 26th, 1930, Vedic was laid up at Milford Haven.

Four years later, in the July of 1934, Vedic was surplus to requirements at the time of the Cunard White Star Line merger, and was sold for scrap. Vedic was scrapped at Rosyth, on the Firth of Forth.


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