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Palau issued this next one with the "1998 International Year Of The Oceans" UNESCO logo top right. It shows Jason Junior shining his light onto Titanic's bow. It is numbered 0696 from an issue of perhaps 1,000 sheetlets.

Titanic Stamps

Sierra Leone shows smoke coming from Titanic's fourth funnel – are the tiny white dots of light (middle right) the stars, or is she leaving a port with the lights being from houses.

Titanic Stamps

With this one from St Vincent and the Grenadines we see rockets, lifeboats, even the heads of those already in the water.

Titanic Stamps

And lastly from the Maldives, is Titanic striking the iceberg, and the smaller stamps show Captain Smith's cap, a deck chair, Fifth Officer Lowe's coat button, one of the lifeboats, the ships wheel, and a passenger's lifejacket. The writing (top right) explains each stamp and what it signifies eg: that the deckchair was one of hundreds thrown overboard in the hopes that they would save people from drowning.

Titanic Stamps

This is by no means ALL of the issues that were produced c1998, but they are the only ones in my possession at this point in time. - Sandy


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