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Below (L-R) Barbados 1988 is the first issue showing Titanic either afloat or sinking, that I can find; it belongs to a set of 4 issued for Lloyd's List Tercentenary. The Yugoslavian one is 1992 commemorating the 80th sinking – unfortunately, they depict her painted in ‘Cunard' colours so I have been told! The Madagascan stamp is one of 12 stamps showing different disasters, this is the only one that shows Titanic.

Titanic Stamps

This set is from Angola, but I have taken each stamp out of its sheetlet as they were needed for my exhibit, they show Titanic leaving each port of call including Belfast.

Titanic Stamps

The next issue below is from the Bahamas – the two ovals show scenes from the radio room, Titanic and the Carpathia are shown in the middle. Notice the top line of writing – CDQ instead of CQD. Obviously the designer of this issue didn't study enough!

Titanic Stamps

From the Republic of Mali are these six stamps again from a sheetlet showing (l - r) the radio room, Captain Smith, at sea, the Post Office, leaving Southampton, and the Captain and his Officers.

Titanic Stamps


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