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Thomas Andrews Memorial Hall

Location: 4 Ballygowan Road, Comber, Newtownards, County Down BT23 5PG.

Harland and Wolff's Chief Designer, Thomas Andrews, was remembered by his fellow countrymen through the construction of the Thomas Andrews Memorial Hall, seen here in the photograph on the left. The money to pay for it was raised primarily by workers at Harland and Wolff.

The first sod was cut by Thomas Andrews' young daughter Elizabeth Law Barbour Andrews on 2nd October, 1913, and on 13th January, 1913, a memorial stone was laid by his mother Eliza Andrews.

The Thomas Andrews Memorial Hall, located on Ballygowan Road, Comber, was opened by Thomas's widow Helen Andrews in a small ceremony on 29th February, 1915.

The Memorial Hall is located in Comber, County Down, and is now put to good use as a primary school, where the children who attend are reminded of the bravery of Thomas Andrews.


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