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New York Lighthouse Titanic MemorialA unique memorial to the victims of the Titanic disaster is the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse in New York, dedicated on April 15th, 1913. A black 'time ball', activated by a telegraphic signal from the National Observatory in Washington, would drop down the pole at the very top of the Lighthouse at midday to signify the time to ships in the harbour, visible here in the photograph on the left.

It originally sat atop the Seaman's Church Institute located on the corner of South Street and Coenties Slip, as seen here in the photograph on the left, but in 1968, the Seamen's Church Institute moved its offices, and the company responsible for the demolition of the old block donated the Lighthouse to the South Street Seaport Museum, and in May 1976, it was erected in its current location.

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