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When Cyberflix designed the game Titanic - Adventure Out Of Time it gave many people a chance to 'tour' the Titanic - virtually of course!

The screen shots on this page are good examples of probably the best reproduction of Titanic's interiors available to us, other than James Cameron's movie 'Titanic' of course, and the game gives you the option of just wandering around the ship, looking at all the points of interest, and wonderfully atmospheric interiors.

There are a host of add-ons for the game, available at the Cyberflix website, and the best of these are the Tour Guides who show you around various different parts of the ship that aren't actually available in the full game.

The twin CD-ROM game is worth the money just for the tour option alone, and the game itself is a great bonus if you like role-playing point 'n' click adventure games, although, and I have to say this, I personally found the gameplay a little lacking and drawn out, but that's just me!

To buy Titanic - Adventure Out Of Time, click on either of the two pictures here on the left. The top one is the game itself, whilst the bottom one is the Titanic - Adventure Out Of Time Hints And Solutions book.


Titanic Adventure Out Of TimeThis screenshot here on the left shows Titanic from above, with the bow to the top-left of the picture. The funnels look very nice illuminated as they are, and if you look carefully, you can see the cargo cranes in the after well deck. The black line running across the poop deck is the aft docking bridge. I'm not too sure about the forecastle illumination, I'm pretty certain that it would've interfered with the Lookout' vision.




Titanic Adventure Out Of TimeThis is Titanic's luxurious Turkish Bath, where the pampered First Class passengers could receive yet more pampering, in the shape of an invigorating massage from the ship's Turkish Bath attendant, Annie Caton. The Turkish Bath was located on 'F' deck, immediately forward and slightly to starboard of the second funnel.




Titanic Adventure Out Of TimeThe view from Titanic's wheel house, located on the boat deck behind the bridge. The ship's wheel is of course prominent, with an engine-room telegraph visible either side of it, both in the wheel house, and another pair in the bridge. This is where QM Robert Hichens was standing when the iceberg was spotted, with his hands placed on the wheel. When First Officer William McMaster Murdoch received the telephone call from the crow's nest, he signalled to the engine-room using one of the telegraphs visible here, and at the same time ordered Hichens to turn the wheel 'Hard a starboard.'





Titanic Adventure Out Of TimeThe First Class Smoking Room, located on 'A' deck immediately aft of the fourth funnel. Notice the card tables, handy for the bridge and poker-playing passengers, and above the fireplace there hangs Norman Wilkinson's work, 'Plymouth Harbour'. This is the location that Thomas Andrews, was last seen alive, seemingly lost in his own thoughts, lifejacket lying on a table.




Titanic Adventure Out Of TimeAn excellent re-creation of Titanic's Grand Staircase at the First Class Entrance, with the wrought iron and glass domed roof clearly visible. The clock featuring Honour and Glory Crowning Time is visible on the wall, and holding the torch at the foot of the stairs is the bronze cherub. These stairs were not simply to get you from one deck to another - you had to have millions to be able to even step foot on them!




Titanic Adventure Out Of TimeAnother great re-creation, this time of a First Class stateroom is pictured here on the left. The subtle lighting enhances the rich tones of the varnished wood panelling, and gives the whole room a mellow warmth, complemented by the sea-blue carpet. The steamer trunk would obviously belong to a passenger, it's not part of the ship, but the rest of the furniture, including the writing bureau on the right, belong to the ship.




Titanic Adventure Out Of TimeThis interior is the Palm Court, located aft on the starboard side of 'B' deck. The white panels are beautifully complemented by the effective foliage, which also form a 'semi-partition,' which makes the room look less like a long, featureless rectangle. The white wicker seats and dark floor panelling all look highly fashionable, and indeed, this is where Titanic's younger passengers would gather.




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