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Thomas Francis McCaffry was traveling with his friends Thomson Beattie and John Hugo Ross, and the three men all boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg. Thomson Beattie and John Hugo Ross were bound for Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Thomas Francis McCaffry was bound for Vancouver, British Columbia.

Thomson Beattie managed to get into the half-swamped lifeboat A after falling into the sea, but he died during the night from exposure. When Fifth Officer Harold Lowe eventually rescued the occupants of lifeboat A, he left the three people who had died in the lifeboat, and in order to try to get the lifeboat to sink, he cut away at the collapsible canvas sides. However, a month later the White Star Line steamer Oceanic came across the lifeboat, with the three bodies still in it, so the crew of the Oceanic gave the three a burial at sea.

John Hugo Ross and Thomas Francis McCaffry were also lost in the sinking of Titanic, and only the body of Thomas Francis McCaffry was recovered and identified.


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