Sirius was constructed at the shipyard of C..W. Earle & Company, Hull for the White Star Line, and she was launched in the February of 1865, and was designed to operate on the Mediterranean service out of Liverpool.

In the January of 1866,  Sirius was sold, and renamed Columbia, and after the collapse of Henry T. Wilson & Company, Columbia remained under virtually the same shareholders as before.

In the December of 1868, Columbia was sold again, this time to the Anchor Line, specifically to operate their feeder service out of Granton, in Leith, and found herself with yet another change identity, this time becoming Scandinavia. Scandinavia made her first Anchor Line sailing in the March of 1869.

During 1872, Scandinavia was lengthened, to 258 feet, giving her more room for passengers.

In 1873, the feeder service that Scandinavia had been operating ended, and she was transferred back to the Mediterranean service by the Anchor Line.

On the 31st August, 1888, Scandinavia was sold to Christopher Furness, and reverted to her previous Identity of Columbia.

In 1890, Columbia was sold yet again, this time to J. Meek, of West Hartlepool, and yes, there was yet another rename, reverting again to Sirius.

In 1893, Sirius was sold again, to Olivier & Co., of San Francisco, and kept her name.

In 1894, Sirius had yet another owner, and a new name too, when she was purchased by C. Nelson, of Honolulu, and renamed Kahului, carrying passengers and goods to San Francisco.

In 1897, Kahului was transferred to San Francisco, with the same owner, but a new name, Cleveland.

After the discover of gold in the Yukon, Cleveland became a gold rush ship, with room for 1,200 people, although on one particular journey, she carried almost double that amount!

On the 24th October, 1900, Cleveland was wrecked on Cape Rodney, Alaska.




N.B. Image source Merchant Fleets No. 19 - White Star Line (Oceanic Steam Navigation Company) by Duncan Haws



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