Runic I

Runic I was constructed at the Belfast yard of Harland and Wolff in 1888, for the White Star Line, and was launched on the 1st January, 1889. She was designed, like her sister, Cufic I, to carry 1,000 head of cattle.

Runic I underwent her maiden voyage on the 21st February, 1889, between Liverpool and New York.

In the May of 1895, Runic I was sold to West India & Pacific S.S. Co., and renamed Tampican.

On 31st December, 1899, Tampican was transferred, along with the remainder of the fleet to Frederick Leyland & Co., keeping the same identity.

In 1912, Tampican was sold to H. E. Moss & Co., of Liverpool. It was intended to use Tampican with the non-tanker ships, which were owned by the Sefton S.S. Co. Tampican was sold, almost immediately, to the South Pacific Whaling Co. She was renamed Imo, and converted in order for her to carry whale oil or meat, during the Antarctic season.

On the 6th December, 1917, Imo collided with the French Line's heavily laden Mont Blanc, in Halifax roadstead. About 15 minutes later, the Mont Blanc blew up, with devastating force. The explosion was felt 120 miles away, and it totally obliterated the suburb of Richmond. 1,500 were killed, a further 2,000 people were never found. 8,000 more were injured, and 3,,000 buildings in Richmond were flattened in the blast. Mont Blanc totally disappeared, but Imo, which had drifted clear, was swamped, but survived, with the loss of her funnel, two masts, together with her lifeboats.

In 1918, Imo was reinstated after repairs, and renamed Guvernoren.

On 26th October, 1926, Guvernoren left Sandford, and on 30th November, in thick fog, she grounded on rocks 20 miles from Port Stanley, and was declared a total loss.


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