Republic I

Republic I was launched at Harland and Wolff's Belfast yard on the 4th July, 1871, American Independence Day, the reason behind her name.

Republic I underwent her maiden voyage to New York on the 1st February, 1872. En-route, Republic I encountered some very heavy seas, which caused a large amount of damage, including the ventilators letting in tons of water, the engine room skylight was smashed in, the boilers were extinguished, and the lifeboats were lost, or smashed to pieces. As a result of Republic I's encounter with the weather, there was a change to the White Star Line's regulations; lifeboats were no longer to be tightly secured, Republic I's had been smashed to pieces, the ones that were not tightly secured were washed-off, but intact. On October 5th, Republic I made her first sailing between Liverpool, Bordeaux, Vigo, Lisbon, Rio, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, and Valparaiso. Republic I then continued to Chilean and Peruvian coastal ports. Republic I was deliberately chosen to be the finest ship ever seen on the route, and was seen as a challenge to the Pacific Steam Navigation Company. They responded by sending the vessel Tacora on her maiden voyage on 4th October. Sadly, Tacora was wrecked on the 28th October, near Montevideo, but the route was not a success for the White Star Line.

Whilst on charter to the Inman Line in 1885, Republic I came into contact with the Cunard Line's Aurania in the River Mersey, causing damage to both vessels.

in the year 1875, with the introduction of the Britannic pair of Britannic I and GermanicRepublic I became Republic I became the White Star Line's reserve ship.

In 1888, Republic I underwent an overhaul, with second class accommodations added, and third class reduced.

On January 16th, 1889, Republic I made her last sailing for the White Star Line. Later that year, Republic I was sold to the Holland America Line, renamed Maasdam, and her engines were converted to triple expansion at the same time. Maasdam was given another deck, and her accommodations altered to carry 10 passengers in first class, and 800 in third.

On the 15th March, 1890, Maasdam was placed on the Rotterdam, Boulogne to New York run.

In the year 1902, Maasdam was sold to La Veloce, Nav. Italiana, of Geneo, and renamed Vittoria. She was later renamed Citta Di Napoli, but operating for the same company, and ran on the Genoa, Naples, Polermo, Gibraltar to New York. Citta Di Napoli's first sailing on the route was on the 30th September.

On the 28th December, 1908, the city of Messina, in Sicily, was destroyed by an earthquake, and La Veloce placed the ship with Nord America & Savoia, at the disposal of the Italian Government, and she was used as an accomodation ship.

In 1910, when Citta Di Napoli had completed the work for the Italian Government, she was sold for scrap in Genoa.


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