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To put the stories from the Titanic-Titanic.com News pages into your own website, you need to do a little simple coding, but nothing too difficult. The requirements are listed below;

  • You must have or create a page with the file extension .shtml, .asp or .php for it to work.
  • Your internet service provider (I.S.P.) must support S.S.I.s (Server side includes). Contact them if you're not sure.

To 'call' the script, you need to go to the part of the page you'd like the news stories to appear, and then insert the following code:


For .shtml or .asp web pages, use the following script;

<!--#include virtual="http://www.titanic-titanic.com/forum/new.php" -->


For .php web pages, use the following script;

<?php include("http://www.titanic-titanic.com/forum/new.php") ?>


More information on S.S.I.s is available on Wikipediia.

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