Naronic was launched at Harland and Wolff's Belfast yard on 26th May, 1892 as a livestock carrier. On 15th July, Naronic embarked on her maiden voyage between Liverpool - New York.

On 11th February, 1893, Naronic departed Alexandra Dock in Liverpool bound for New York on just her 7th voyage. Aboard Naronic were 74 people, including 14 cattlemen, 3,572 tons of cargo and 1,017 tons of Welsh coal. The pilot was dropped-off at Point Lynas, and he became the last person to ever see Naronic, as the ship never heard of again.

However, on May 3rd, a bottle was washed-up on the shore at Bay Ridge, New York, that contained the following message;

"NARONIC is sinking with all hands ..." L. Winsel.

Another message was later found on the beach at Ocean View, Virginia;

"February 19th, 1893. The ship is fast sinking ... we can never live in the small boats . . . one boat has already sunk. The ship struck an iceberg in blinding snow .. . she has floated for two hours, it is now 3.20 in the morning and the deck is level with the sea"

The writer of the second message was John Olsen, a cattleman, however, neither of the two people appeared on the passenger or crew listings for Naronic.

On March 4th, the steamer Coventry, which was traveling between Newport and the U.K., reported passing one of Naronic's lifeboats floating upside down, at the position 40N, 47.37W. The following day, the same ship passed an upright, but empty, lifeboat at location 44.34N, 46.24W, approximately 500 miles from Halifax, and also roughly on Naronic's route.

These bottles, together with two others, were not taken into account by the subsequent Court of Inquiry due to none of the notes being signed by someone they could identify.


N.B. Image source Wikipedia (Ship pictured is sister ship Bovic)



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