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Michel Navratil Grave

Michel Navratil was traveling with his two sons, Michel Marcel Navratil and Edmond Roger Navratil, and they boarded the Titanic at Southampton, England, on Wednesday, 10th April, 1912, although their destination is unknown.

Michel Navratil was seperated from his wife, and one weekend, he disappeared to England with Michel Marcel Navratil and Edmond Roger Navratil in tow, and at the same time changing their surnames to 'Hoffman'.

Once safely aboard Carpathia, and with their father lost, there was no way to identify the pair of young toddlers, and it wasn't until the White Star Line began to place advertisements containing photographs of Michel Marcel Navratil and Edmond Roger Navratil that their mother finally bacame aware of their fate. The boys had been taken into the care of fellow Titanic survivor Margaret Bechstein Hays in New York, who luckily spoke fluent French. The White Star Line paid for Mrs. Navratil to travel to New York in order to identify the boys.

Michel Navratil was lost in the sinking of the Titanic, but his body was recovered and identified. Michel Marcel Navratil and Edmond Roger Navratil were placed into lifeboat Collapsible D and both survived the sinking.

Michel Navratil was buried in Baron de Hirsch Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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