Mersey Mersey

Mersey was built at Charles Connell and Company, Glasgow, in 1894, for the Nourse Line. Mersey was mainly used in the transportation of Indian indented labourers to the colonies whilst under the ownership of the Nourse Line.

Mersey was then purchased, in 1908, by Ismay, Imrie & Company, and converted into a cadet training vessel for the White Star Line. Capable of taking 80 cadets to sea, Mersey was designed to teach the fast -disappearing skills of the old days of sail to the company's newest recruits, who would then be working on the White Star Line's steamships. Mersey made annual trips to Australia between 1908 and 1913, via the Cape's, and her first departed Liverpool on the 20th August, 1908.

Mersey was fitted with a radio in 1914, making her the world's first sailing ship to be equipped with a set. However, later that year, with the outbreak of World War 1, Mersey's voyage to Australia was cancelled, her crew and cadets would have more important work to do.

Mersey was sold, in 1915, to the Transatlantic Motorship Company, of Kristiania, Norway and renamed Transatlantic, and converted to a normal sail trader.

In the April of 1916, Transatlantic was sold once more, this time to the Oslo Schoolship Association, of Kristiania, and once more found herself undergoing a change of identity, and was renamed Christian Radich I. Christian Radich I was converted back to a cadet training vessel, however, because of the war, she was not permitted to take cadets to sea, and was laid-up.

In the April of 1917, Christian Radich I was sold to Kristiania Shipping Company, and renamed yet again, to Dversgö, and operated as a normal sail trader. The profit from her trading was invested into the purchase of Christian Radich II.

In 1922, Dversgö was sold once more, this time to Lars Jorgensen's Otra Skibs Akties, but kept the name Dversgö, and was transferred to Svelviks Skibsrederi Akties shortly after.

In 1923, Dversgö was broken-up, somewhere in the United Kingdom.


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