• Builder: Harland and Wolff
  • Yard No.: 393
  • Launched: 1908
  • Maiden Voyage: 1909
  • Gross Tonnage: 17,540 tons
  • Length: 605.7ft.
  • Beam: 70.3ft.
  • Decks: 3
  • Funnels: 2
  • Masts: 4
  • Propellers: 2
  • Engines: 2 x  4 cylinder quadruple expansion
  • Boilers: 8 double boilers
  • Speed: 17 knots
  • Port of Registry: Liverpool
  • Carrying Capacity: 450 First Class, 400 second class, 1,500 third class
  • Sister Ships: Gothland, Poland, Samland

Lapland was launched for the Red Star Line on 27th June, 1908, at the Belfast yard of Harland and Wolff, and was the largest vessel to carry the flag of Belgium.

Lapland underwent her maiden voyage on March 27th, 1909, between Antwerp, Dover and New York.

Lapland Titanic Crew

Lapland returned the 167 surviving crew members from the Titanic disaster who had been released by the U.S. Court of Enquiry to Plymouth, England. They were kept in third class to try to keep them segregated from members of the press. The crew members were tendered ashore at Plymouth by the paddle steamer Duchess of York, arriving back in England on 28th April, a mere 13 days after Titanic sank.

On October 3rd, 1914, Lapland took part in a huge Canadian convoy which was bringing the first troops from Canada to Europe to fight in W.W.1, and upon her arrival in Plymouth, she was transferred to the White Star Line, on 29th October. Lapland was then placed on the Liverpool to New York route, operating with her two consorts, Vaderland and Zeeland II.

In the April of 1917, Lapland struck a mine in Liverpool Bay, but luckily, Lapland reached port safely, and without loss of life. Later the same year, in June, Lapland was commissioned as a troopship for 3,000 troops under the Liner Requisition Scheme.

Lapland found herself serving a makeshift service between Liverpool and New York in 1918, as the war ended, and more ships were released from the Liner Requisition Scheme.

Lapland underwent a refit in 1919, with a change in her passenger accommodations to 389 in first class, 448 in second class, and 1,200 in third class. Lapland was placed on the Southampton to New York route.

Lapland was released by the White Star Line in January, 1920, due to Olympic being returned to service after her refit. Lapland reverted to her Red Star Line roots, and operating on the Antwerp, Southampton and New York route, carrying the Belgium flag once more.

In December 1924, Lapland collided in the River Scheldt with the Java.

Lapland was now mainly engaged on cruising, and her third class passenger accommodation was reduced to 540.

Lapland made very last voyage on 11th June, 1932, and was then laid up at Antwerp. The following year, Lapland was sold for scrap, and broken up in Japan.


N.B. Image source SimplonPC



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