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Haverford was built by John Brown & Co., Clydebank yard in 1901 for the American Line.

Haverford was launched on 4th May, 1901.

Haverford's maiden voyage began on 4th September, on the Southampton - New York run. After just a couple of voyages, she was placed on the Liverpool - Philadelphia - Boston route. Haverford's Captain and many of the crew were football fans, resulting in the ship always arriving a couple of hours early at Liverpool on a Saturday!

On 25th May, 1913, Haverford went aground on Carrigadda Rock as she was leaving Queenstown. Two of her holds were flooded, but Haverford was re-floated the following day.

Haverford was used as a troopship, in the August of 1914.

During 1915, Haverford served as a troopship to Mudros during Dardanelles campaign.

On 26th June, 1917, Haverford was attacked and damaged by a torpedo off Ireland, resulting in the death of eight people.

On 17th April, 1918, Haverford was again under attack this time in the Atlantic, however, the torpedoes missed their target. Haverford was also used to repatriate United States troops on the Liverpool - Philadelphia route, and then returned to commercial service.

In the March of 1921, Haverford was transferred in-house to the White Star Line, and on April 1st, Haverford made  her first sailing on the Liverpool - Philadelphia - Boston run, eventually being replaced on the route by fellow White Star Line stable-mate Pittsburgh.

Haverford was placed on the Hamburg - New - York route in 1922, and on 16th May, she reverted to American Line operations for the summer on the Liverpool - Philadelphia run.

Haverford's final commercial sailing began on 27th August, 1924, with a sailing to Philadelphia. In December, she was sold for scrap, and broken-up in Italy.



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