Gallic II

Gallic II was constructed as War Argus for the Shipping Controller in order to increase Britain's cargo carrying capacity. War Argus was a Standard 'G' type, of which there were 22, 14 of which were fitted with twin screws. The White Star Line purchased three of these vessels after the war ended, War Argus, War Icarus, and War Priam, all, fitted with twin screws, which would become, Gallic II, Delphic II, and Bardic respectively.

Launched at Workman Clark & Company's Belfast yard in the December of 1918, with White Star Line as managers.

In the August of 1919, with the war now over, War Argus was purchased by the White Star Line, renamed Gallic II, and placed on the Australian cargo service.

In 1933, Gallic II was sold to Clan Line Steamers Ltd., and renamed Clan Colquhoun II, operating the same route.

Clan Colquhoun II was then sold to Zaratti S.S. Company, Panama, in 1947, and was renamed Ioannis Livanos, staying on the Australian run.

Ioannis Livanos was renamed Jenny in 1949 by Dos Oceanos Cie de Nav. S. A. of Panama.

Jenny was subject to yet another change of identity in 1951, this time becoming Imam Bondjol by her new owners, Djakarta Lloyd N. V. of Indonesia. The same company changed her name the following year to Djatinegra.

Djatinegra was sold for scrap in 1955, with a planned break-up in Japan, however, whilst under tow between Dakata and Osaka, she had to put in at Lingayan, near Manila due to engine room flooding.

Djatinegra was re-floated the following year, and towed to Hong Kong to be scrapped.


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