Gaelic I

Gaelic I was one of two cargo vessels built for the J. Bibby Line at Harland and Wolff's Belfast yard, the other being her sister, Belgic I, which were both purchased on the stocks by the White Star Line.

She was launched, as Gaelic I, on the 4th October, 1873, and operated with Belgic I on the South American routes.

On the 29th January, 1873, Gaelic I began her maiden voyage between Liverpool to Valparaiso, via some South American ports. On the 10th July, she switched to the New York route.

In the January of 1874, Gaelic I towed her fellow White Star Line stablemate Celtic I into Queenstown, after she lost a couple of propellor blades. On the 3rd June, Gaelic I was placed on the London, New York for the summer season. On the 24th December, Gaelic I was then put on the Liverpool, New York run.

On the 29th May, 1875, Gaelic I was chartered, along with her sister, Belgic I, for five years, to the Occidental & Oriental Steamship Company, for their San Francisco, Japan and Hong Kong service.

In the year 1883, Belgic I and Gaelic I were both sold to the £30,000 each, to Cia de Nav, 'La Flecha', of Bilbao, and renamed Goefredo and Hugo respectively.

On the 24th September, 1896, Hugo was stranded on Terschelling Island, Netherlands. Hugo was declared a total loss. She was refloated, sold at auction, and towed to Amsterdam, where she was scrapped.


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