Colin Cooper boarded Carpathia

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Colin Cooper boarded Carpathia

Postby Andrew Clarkson » Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:06 am

Colin Campbell Cooper and his first wife Emma Lampert Cooper loved to travel.  When they were passengers on the Carpathia, they thought that they would have an ordinary trip.

Since  Carpathia was the ship that rescued Titanic passengers, their voyage became unforgettable. Captain Arthur Rostron moved the Carpathia  from a speed of 14 knots to 17 knots to salvage Titanic passengers.  Colin and Emma had the adventure of their lives.

On April 15, 1912, Carpathia rescued 705 Titanic passengers.   Captain Rostron’s dexterity as a seaman made the rescue successful.  The crew and passengers of the Carpathia were also very helpful to the Titanic survivors. Like many travelers on the Carpathia, Cooper and his wife gave up their ship’s shack for Titanic survivors.  Based on the rescue mission of the Carpathia, he created many paintings to record the historical event for posterity.

Becoming a painter was very much in Cooper’s genes.  His mother, Emily Williams Cooper, was a painter.  Campbell’s father, Dr. Colin Campbell Cooper, who was a surgeon and lawyer, valued the arts.   Since his parents both loved the arts, they encouraged their son to pursue his dream of becoming an artist.

Cooper studied art at many prestigious schools including Academie Julian in Paris.  The city of Paris  is a place where many artists dream of studying art. Artists  are also inspired by the beauty of this magical city.  When the French government purchased his painting, Fifth Avenue New York, for the Musee du Luxembourg, he received a distinction that few artists receive.

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