Survivors of the Titanic - and the early days of 'talkies'

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Survivors of the Titanic - and the early days of 'talkies'

Postby Andrew Clarkson » Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:11 pm

Well this week we embark on a long trip down Memory Lane to when talkies were replacing silent movies and Elstree Studios was helping to lead the way.

I first visited Elstree as a young boy in 1960 so I am a latecomer in regard to its unique history that stretches back to 1926. Over the decades I have met and sometimes interviewed hundreds of actors and behind the scenes people but even today I never stop learning. For instance last week I had a chat with a delightful gentleman named Leslie Coombs. Now what is special about him,
you may ask. Well at a still hale and hearty 96, I believe Leslie is the oldest Elstree veteran still with us today.

Leslie's father was a stunt man at the studios and he still recalls when he appeared as a nine-year-old extra in the ground-breaking film Atlantic, shot at Elstree in 1929.

It was the first film in the world to be shot in three languages - English, German and French - at the same time, so it could be released in most parts of the world. Each version shared the same sets but with different casts as in those days sound had to be recorded live.

Leslie recalls: "I had to be on an angled deck, tilted so we were thrown into a water tank on the stage along with the furniture. I can still remember it now but the scene was cut from the picture as it was felt horrific for cinemagoers of that time."

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