'Unsinkable' orchestra to take on a 'Titanic' concert

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'Unsinkable' orchestra to take on a 'Titanic' concert

Postby Andrew Clarkson » Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:47 pm

Twenty years ago, "Titanic" hit both the big screen and the Broadway stage.  Both the film and the musical are based on the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the passenger liner which sank in 1912, taking over a thousand souls with it.

Both works are well-known for their music - and pieces from both works will be performed by the York Symphony Orchestra at their "Titanic" concert March 4 at the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center.

The concert will also take inspiration from the music played by the band that performed on board the vessel during its doomed maiden voyage.

"There are several legends and stories that accompany the history of the Titanic," said music director and conductor Lawrence Golan. "One of them is that the band played on until the bitter end. And we will be playing the last piece that they played, which was 'Nearer My God To Thee.'"

The orchestra will be joined by the York Symphony Chorus and soloists Nat Chandler and Jennifer Hope Wills for renditions of several songs, including Golan's favorite of the show, "Godspeed Titanic."

Read more; http://www.pennlive.com/life/2017/03/yo ... itani.html
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