Titanic's sister ship sank three times faster

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Titanic's sister ship sank three times faster

Postby Andrew Clarkson » Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:25 am

The tragic maiden voyage of the Titanic tends to over-shadow the fact its sister ship, the Britannic, also came to grief – and lies on the sea floor off the Greek island of Kea.

The sinking of Titanic in 1912 sent shockwaves around the world. Global dismay prompted new safety legislation and seafaring travellers were assured that such an incident would never happen again.

But incredibly, Titanic had a sister ship, Britannic, which also sank to the bottom of the ocean only a few years later, after striking a mine in the Aegean Sea. In the wake of the Titanic disaster, Britannic was re-engineered and strengthened in Belfast’s Harland and Wolff shipyard.

And yet, on this day 100 years ago – November 21, 1916 – she sank in just 55 minutes, three times faster than Titanic.

Read more: http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/britan ... -1-7689057
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