Mystery of Titanic survivors stay in Plymouth revealed

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Mystery of Titanic survivors stay in Plymouth revealed

Postby Andrew Clarkson » Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:41 am

Plymouth's previously forgotten links with the Titanic disaster are to be commemorated in an exhibition at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel.

On April 28, 1912 the surviving crew of the Titanic numbering 167 men and women stepped foot on UK soil for the first time since the doomed ship had launched from Southampton.

But Titanic enthusiast Nigel Voisey has discovered further, long-forgotten, connections between the city and the ill-fated liner.

"When the crew arrived at Plymouth, customs officials, White Star Line directors and members from the Board of Trade were waiting to take down evidence from them," Nigel says.

"The British Seafarers' Union wanted to go out and talk to them before they made port to tell them not to talk – that they would be represented by the union.

"But the White Star Line officials wouldn't let them on. So to get around that they hired a rowing boat – sailed out with a megaphone and told them not to talk. The White Star Line was then forced to let them on."

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