New Evidence -Why Quartermaster Hichens Was Not in Cape Town

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New Evidence -Why Quartermaster Hichens Was Not in Cape Town

Postby » Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:11 am

Sally Nilsson, great-granddaughter of Quartermaster Robert Hichens, based her book "The Man Who Sank Titanic" on a dubious letter that put Hichens as a Harbourmaster in Cape Town in 1914 leading to an inference that he was 'paid of' by the White Star Line with a lifelong job for as long as he remained silent. More seriously, the letter alleges that First Officer Murdoch was at the time of collision 'asleep and drunk at the rear of the pilot house' leading Nilsson to ultimately accuse him of gross negligence leading to disaster.

The total lack of logic and most importantly evidence in such an accusation has been previously discussed in the article "Was Murdoch Drunk at the Wheel?" including 12 key issues which debunk the theory: ... wheel.html

However I am pleased to announce that author Senan Molony has uncovered new evidence that proves that Hichens simply was not in Cape Town in 1914, which he believes lays to rest the 'Harbourmaster' theory and by extension the unfounded allegation of a drunk Officer of the Watch.

Read it here: ... etown.html
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