Titanic & the Californian - TB Williams. My thoughts.

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Titanic & the Californian - TB Williams. My thoughts.

Postby Iwan » Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:10 pm

Been a while since I posted here, so I hope you are all well.

I am currently reading a book titled "Titanic & the Californian" by Thomas B Williams after a break from Titanic (I've been reading other books on Olympic, the Big Four etc) and I just wondered if anyone else had read it and their opinions?

I try to be unbiased and objective when it comes to reading Titanic material, but it seems as though this book is heavily biased in Lord's favour. I am open to that, and agree that had he even acted, it is unlikely he would have reached Titanic in time to be much help. However, I have read claims in the book that I have never heard before and while I don't consider myself a Titanic expert compared to some, I have studied it for over 20 years. One of the claims which i found rather far fetched was that there was not just one, but TWO ships between the Titanic & Californian. What amused me even more was the author attempting to claim that the one of these nearer Californian was also firing rockets, at different times and a different type of rocket!

I neglected from bringing this up on a Facebook group as it would probably start arguments. But I remember this forum as being more level headed so I appreciate your thoughts on this?
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Re: Titanic & the Californian - TB Williams. My thoughts.

Postby Dave Gittins » Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:38 am

This bit of drivel is not even original. It was invented in 1913 by a Captain Lord apologist called Maurice Foweraker. He tried to explain the lights seen from Californian and Titanic by introducing two ships in between them. The idea is obviously nuts. Where were the two ships in the morning? How did maybe 100 officers and men not see and hear Titanic's signals? They were supposedly closer to Titanic than was Californian. Did they see them but keep quiet about them for evermore? Captain Lord couldn't keep his crowd quiet for a week! The idea belongs with Rigel the dog in the trash can.
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Re: Titanic & the Californian - TB Williams. My thoughts.

Postby Captain ACS » Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:11 am

The way I see it, there's always going to be two groups of people: those who defend Lord tooth and nail, and those who despise him.

As for that "theory", Dave already summed up above what I was about to state. That explanation doesn't add up even slightly. The only way I could find it even remotely plausible is if the one (or two?) "ships between the two" were occupied entirely by deafblind people. That, or the ships were criminals. Until evidence shores up (pun intended), I'm going to forever hold the opinion that Cali was simply being run by ignorant fools that night.
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