The cruise ship that makes Titanic look a minnow

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The cruise ship that makes Titanic look a minnow

Postby Andrew Clarkson » Wed May 18, 2016 8:05 am

What on earth will these cruise ship companies conjure up next? Not so long ago, they were busy launching floating cities with an improbable number of pubs, restaurants, swimming pools and even adventure playgrounds.

Then along came theme parks, shopping malls, surf simulators, aqua theatres, robotic barmen, zip lines and faux forests with canned birdsong.

Now? Well, I am standing on a glass platform on Deck 17 of the newest and biggest cruise ship the world has ever seen — and I’m about to crawl into a stainless steel tube and hurtle down the tallest slide at sea, arriving (hopefully) on the boardwalk 100 ft below.

Royal Caribbean has invited me to be the first member of the public to experience the Ultimate Abyss before the 1,188 ft cruise ship Harmony Of The Seas is due to dock at 5.30am today at Southampton in preparation for her maiden voyage next week.

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