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TT FAQ - YouTube Posting Tutorial

Postby Andrew Clarkson » Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:16 pm

This is a little tutorial to assist you with posting YouTube videos.

Please feel free too use this thread in order to get the hang of it, it's fairly straightforward, really!

1. Once you have the video you wish to show in the forum, press F6 in order to highlight the video's address in the address bar.
2. Next press CTRL & C together to copy the address to your clipboard.
3. In the forum, make a new post, or reply to an existing thread.
4. Press CTRL & V together to paste into the text area, and then use your mouse to select all of the address text so it becomes highlighted.
5. Press the YouTube button in the text tools menu, which then wraps the text with tags like so [youtube]Youtube Address Here[/youtube].
6. Press the Submit button to make the post.

You should end up with a post like this.

Try it here.
All the best,
Andrew Clarkson,
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