Titanic Scandal: The Trial Of The Mount Temple

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Re: Titanic Scandal: The Trial Of The Mount Temple

Postby ardtornish » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:03 pm

I foolishly thought this was the season of goodwill to all :lol:

I was wondering if anyone else read Titanic Scandal: The Trial Of The Mount Temple by Senan Molony and what they thought..... I was not convinced that the mystery ship seen by Titanic was the Mount Temple.

That book is simply one man's ideas on the matter. Seriously though: did you want to be convinced?

Your opinion reflects that of the serious researchers with whom I am familiar

Might that be interpreted as "with whom I agree"?

There's really nothing remarkable about anything the Mount Temple did. They got the distress call, they responded to the distress call, then stopped short of the icefield per company regulations which expressly forbade them to go into one.

Ah! But there are serious inconsistencies in Captain Moore's navigation. Besides which Senan Maloney quotes evidence from other sources. Are we to discount his sources in favour of the sources of the contributors to this thread?

no one that was supposed to have seen anything came forward.

No but then the days of instant communication were not yet upon the unsuspecting public.

It is far from being an unbiased, objective look at all the issues, where the reader is then left to judge.

Was it publicised as such? Much the same could be said about almost every single book written about Titanic and associated stories. More particularly when the author fills-in gaps in the evidence with uneducated speculation.

Behe mentions all these so called mystery ships put forward by Lordite writers with not a shred of evidence that they were even there. To me it is clear the officers and crew on the Californian were close enough to see the Titanic's rockets and some even said the ship looked queer and as though it was listing. I think after a hundred years it is now time these writers stopped looking to blame other ships and faced the reality.

I have to say that if George said that then George is completely wrong. You might be surprised to learn that there is irrefutable evidence pointing to the presence of no less than 5 other vessels within 25 miles of Titanic just after midnight that night. Having said that, it is not to say that these vessel were there, just that there is evidence pointing to them. This being undeniable fact, how can George and others ignore this evidence and be so sure of themselves?
The only vessel that owned-up to being there was Californian.. The self-satisfied retort has always been.. if there had been so many vessels, why didn't we hear about them?
Need anyone ask that silly question? Having seen the uproar of shocked indignation in the press over the identified vessel Californian, Would you, or anyone else for that matter... as master of one of these vessels... put your hand up and hand over heart say " I confess, it were me Guv'. If you or anyone else does believe that then you and they are not living in the real world.

I'm reasonably confident I can make a case for poor...extremely poor...communications between the skipper and his subordinates. If Stone and Gibson really thought there was something which bore closer examination, they did an incredibly poor job of getting it across.

If you re-read the evidence, you'll see that neither of these young men claimed to have seen anything untoward. A little strange perhaps but nothing to write home about. Perhaps you should rephrase your statement to read:

"If Stone and Gibson really thought there was something which bore closer examination, I'm reasonably confident I can make a case for extremely poor communications between the skipper and his subordinates".

In reality, there was adequate two way communications between Lord and his men. Lord's plan, as is always the case, was to check on them and have them keep him informed. He did so and they did so. End of story.

"Where I'm sympathetic...and I think you'll see a lot of this among sailors who count themselves as "Pro-Lord"....it because of "There but for the grace of God go I."

Not really Michael. I was in the business for over 50 years before I accidentally heard of Captain Lord and it was on one of these Titanic sites. I never heard anyone talking about him at any time before that. I was curious and read all the evidence I could find about the affair. I am not an 'ite' of any kind. I simply looked at the technicalities of the case through the eyes of a seaman and former Marine Accident Investigator. What I did not do and still do not do, as far as the Titanic or any other case is concerned, is to call uppon the investigative work of anyone else. Unlike many, I am a mariner and do not consider myself to be an historian. Here be dragons!

Unfortunately we see all too often the work of others quoted and portayed as if written on tablets of stone and brought down from the mountain. Park Stevenson was right. There is something 'here'. It always has been. Unfortunately it has been obscured by succesive Eurika! moments peddled by numerous authors who can't see the water for the waves.

Merry Xmas to all.

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Re: Titanic Scandal: The Trial Of The Mount Temple

Postby samhalpern » Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:28 pm

>>The only vessel that owned-up to being there was Californian.<<

Only because the story about them seeing rockets during the middle watch came out after the shipped docked in Boston.

Merry X-mas and a happy new year to all.
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Re: Titanic Scandal: The Trial Of The Mount Temple

Postby Michael H. Standart » Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:37 am

>>Not really Michael.<<

Don't be so sure Captain Jim. "There but for the grace of God goes I" has a lot of power, even if nobody wants to admit that it does.
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Re: Titanic Scandal: The Trial Of The Mount Temple

Postby frydawg » Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:51 pm

I was not expecting to be convinced the Mount Temple was the mystery ship, I was hoping for something that was a little more thought provoking instead of something that could have put me to sleep.
I am willing to see things from other points of view but I still believe the mystery ship was the Californian. When Captain Lord was told of the rockets why wasn't the wireless operator woken up to find out what was going on? The crew saw rockets being fired at 5 minute intervals so they should have known something was amiss.
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