Titanic Tribute (self-made)

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Titanic Tribute (self-made)

Postby myTITANIC 2013 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:10 am

Hey guys, as I had issues with placing pictures of myTITANIC here, I decided to turn everything upside-down and make a tribute video instead... Since it's the 101st anniversary of myTITANIC's sinking, why not compile the various indoor and outdoor shots of her into a video instead?

The YouTube is here, for your viewing pleasure:

P.S. I quite like the end shots of the ship finally "sailing" back to the sea, after 101 years :lol: :D... The photos were taken at a popular beach around 70km from where I live!
myTITANIC 2013 - now undergoing major reconstruction (see avatar :P )
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