Ceramic 1913

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Ceramic 1913

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The Daily News, Perth, 14 February 1913
Retrieved from the National Library of Australia web site,


The White Star Line have encircled the globe with British-built ships, and
their connection with the Australian trade has been a long and honorable
one; commencing somewhere back in the sixties, it has, within recent years,
been developed by vessels of the largest type in the trade. Within the last
twelve years the development has been phenomenal, through the introduction
of such magnificent vessels as the "Afric," "Medic," and ''Persic"' (12,000
tons), ''Runic" and "Suevic" (12,500 tons); and to merchants and the
travelling public it will not be surprising to hear that a line so noted for
its enterprise in the most important ocean trade routes of the Empire, is
building a steamer---the CERAMIC---far surpassing in size anything hitherto
placed on the Australian berth---a vessel representing the highest
excellence in marine architecture and engineering, and combining those
qualities so indispensable to modern requirements, viz., large cargo
capacity and extensive passenger accommodation designed on the most approved
and popular principles.

The Ceramic, which was successfully launched at Belfast by Harland and
Wolff, Ltd., on December 11, is a triple-screw passenger steamer, having the
arrangement of machinery, i.e., twin-screw reciprocating engines combined
with low-pressure turbine, already so successfully adopted in White Star
vessels. The new vessel is 675ft. long by 69ft. 3in. beam, and will have a
gross tonnage of about 18,000 tons; and, besides enormous capacity for
cargo, as already indicated, will have accommodation for 600 passengers
ordinarily, with arrangements for possible extension for a further 220, or,
a total complement of 820 if required. It is anticipated, in view of the
remarkable development in Australian emigration from the mother country and
the popularity of White Star vessels, that even this extensive accommodation
will be taxed to its utmost capacity.

The Ceramic is of very strong construction, built under survey of the Board
of Trade for Passenger Certificate, and having twelve watertight bulkheads
dividing the vessel into thirteen, water-tight compartments. Eleven of the
bulkheads are carried to the upper deck, and the aftermost bulkhead to the
middle deck. The double bottom extends right fore and aft, and is built on
the cellular principle, specially strengthened in way of the engines by
additional intercostals, etc. There are eight steel decks, and, needless to
say, all the facilities for working ship and. cargo embody the latest
improvements. The vessel will, of course, be lighted throughout by
electricity, and will have a complete installation of wireless telegraphy
and sufficient lifeboats to accommodate every soul on board, the boats being
manipulated by patent davits.

The passenger accommodation will leave nothing to be desired. Full advantage
has been taken of the vessel's size in designing the public rooms, and the
staterooms, as usual in White Star ships, are large, comfortable and well
ventilated. The dining saloon is on the middle deck. It will be finished
enamel white, and, with large sidelights arranged in pairs, will be a most
attractive room. The reading and writing room on the bridge deck, in oak,
with suitable furniture and Harland and Wolff's brass-framed opening windows
arranged in pairs, will be another fine apartment, as also the general room,
on the same deck, just forward of the reading and writing room, and the
smokeroom amidships. These two latter rooms are also panelled and framed in
oak, with large sidelights in pairs and suitable furniture. The main
entrance and staircase is both spacious and attractive. A feature in this
vessel will be the well-equipped gymnasium on the bridge deck, just forward
of the smokeroom. The staterooms are arranged mostly as two and four-berthed
rooms, but there are also a few single-berth rooms.

After the launch, the vessel was placed at the fitting-out wharf, the
builders' large floating crane brought alongside, and the shipping of the
propelling machinery proceeded with, so that no time will be lost in getting
the vessel ready for service.

It is anticipated the Ceramic will be in commission about next midsummer.

Messrs. Dalgety and Co., Ltd., are the Australian agents for the White Star

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