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Da Vinci traveling exhibit drawing crowds

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:07 pm
by Andrew Clarkson
Leonardo da Vinci can still draw a crowd.

“Da Vinci – The Genius” is calling the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science home until the end of July.

The museum reported Friday that since opening on Feb. 10, 7,886 people have visited, specifically to see the traveling exhibition.

And, the show has brought in $140,421 in revenue for the museum.

When you add in the $51,128 the museum took in for the month from regular visitors, its revenue for February totaled $191,549. This is compared to January’s revenue of $45,423.

“There hasn’t been a slow day since we opened,” said Margie Marino, museum director, during a board of trustees meeting Friday. “We learned a lot the first few weeks. The first Monday of the exhibit, we had 600 school children. We’ve had to become familiar with a new ticketing system. We’re trying to keep up with the demand.”

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