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Underwater explorer has a deep respect for leadership

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:49 pm
by Andrew Clarkson
On Thursday morning, the man who found the Titanic was working his way through his team’s annual audit. His ship is sitting in a shipyard and based out of Victoria, B.C. But it won’t be there for long. Currently on a short break after seven months at sea, the man is ready to get back out there.

The ship is the exploratory vessel, the “E/V Nautilus.” The man is retired U.S. Navy officer-turned world-renowned oceanographer Robert Ballard.

Ballard is one of the featured guests at this year’s Greatness in Leadership conference taking place in March.

He is best known for finding the RMS Titanic in 1985, while on a secret navy mission to investigate two sunken nuclear submarines.

“I was a naval officer doing something else, and needed a cover,” he said from his headquarters in Connecticut “I must say, the Pentagon was pissed when I made the discovery. I apologized and said I’d never do it again.”

In May, Ballard will hit the open sea to work with Ocean Networks Canada.

He and his crew are assisting with efforts to provide improvements to a tsunami early warning system by investigating the Juan de Fuca plate, a tectonic plate subducting under the West Coast.

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