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Descendant of Titanic survivors teaches class at UT on ship

PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:28 am
by Andrew Clarkson
A University of Tennessee professor whose own relatives were passengers on the ship Titanic is delving into her family's history to explore one of the most infamous disasters of the 20th century — the sinking of the Titanic — and share that information with students.

Shelley Binder's great-grandmother and great-uncle were passengers on the ship and while she grew up with stories about their ordeal, mysteries remain about exactly how they were able to survive and get safe passage to the United States.

This fall, Binder, an associate professor of flute, will teach a first-year studies class on the Titanic. She'll bring to the classroom her firsthand experience and is hoping students will help her unlock some of the mysteries of her family's past.

"I think people are really fascinated by the questions of heroism and villainism that the Titanic raises," said Binder, 57. "There are some really tragic human interest stories, all kinds of different things that people are drawn to. Once you're bitten, you're in."

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