Shannon Ulster Titanic Society

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Shannon Ulster Titanic Society

Postby pat toms » Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:17 pm

Shannon Ulster Titanic Society, as some people might know the S.U.T.S. as it is known in Abbreviation, is the first Titanic Society in Northern Ireland, founded in 1992. It is representing not just Ulster and Northern Ireland but also Southern Ireland as well, as the name Shannon not only stands for the river Shannon, but also a victim of the Titanic disaster, Andrew John Shannon, whose name on the Titanic was Lionel Leonard. It took 80 years before a Titanic Society was formed in Northern Ireland, a little known fact, the Society is dedicated in remembering not only Mr Shannon but also all the other victims of Titanic, and also revealing all the facts of why this ship, The Titanic, sank on it's maiden voyage, and other information.
pat toms

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