Doric II was built in 1923 at Harland and Wolff's Belfast yard. She was rare in the fact that she was turbine-only drive, the White Star Line's second, and final, liner with this propulsion configuration, Vedic being the pioneer.

Doric II was launched on August 8th, 1922, with her maiden voyage took place the following year, on June 8th, between Liverpool, Quebec and Montreal.

In the October of 1932, Doric II was laid-up at the end of the St. Lawrence season, and the following year she was employed on cruising out of Liverpool.

In 1934, with the advent of the Cunard White Star Line merger, Doric II was transferred into the company's ownership, although she was, as a liner, surplus to requirements, and remained on summer cruising with winter lay ups, and her future at this point was not certain.

On September 5th, 1935, Doric II was inbound after a Mediterranean cruise with 700 passengers aboard, when she was in collision, in fog, with the Formigny of the Chargeurs Reunis Line. Doric II was damaged forward, her No. 3 hold flooded, and she developed a list.

Doric II sent out an S.O.S., and two liners came to her aid. P. & O's vessel Viceroy of India took off 241 passengers, whilst the Orient Line's Orion also responded, taking on-board 468 passengers, and 42 crew. Orion, a brand new vessel, was on her maiden shake down cruise, and only carrying first class passengers, so there was plenty of space for Doric II's passengers and crew.

Doric II proceeded to Vigo for temporary repairs, and on September 12th, she left Vigo, and proceeded to Tilbury for a more thorough assessment. In October, Doric II had undergone a survey, and was considered not worth repairing, and declared a total constructive loss.

Doric II was sold for £35,000 to J. Cashmore's of Newport, in Monmouthshire, making the voyage from Tilbury on November 9th. Doric II was just 12 years old when she was scrapped.


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