Cufic II

Cufic II was launched on the 8th August, 1895, as the American, for the West India & Pacific Steam Ship Company, at the Belfast shipyard of Harland and Wolff. On the 9th October, American made her maiden voyage, between Liverpool and New Orleans, for the cotton trade.

In 1898, American was chartered to the Atlantic Transport Line, operating New Orleans and Baltimore services.

On 1st January, 1900, the entire West India & Pacific Steam Ship Company fleet was taken over by Frederick Leyland Limited. American kept the same name, and she was also used as a Boer War transport ship.

In 1901, the fleet was then acquired by J.P. Morgan.

In 1904, American was transferred, within the I.M.M.C., to the White Star Line, and renamed Cufic II. On the 21st May, Cufic II made her first voyage to Sydney, New South Wales.

In 1914, Cufic II was taken over for war service.

Between 1917, and 1919, Cufic II operated under the Liner Requisition Scheme.

In 1919, Cufic II reverted to the Australian trade.

In the December of 1923, Cufic II was sold for scrap, to G. Lombardo, Genoa.

On the 25th January, 1924, sold to Soc. Anon. Ligure Di Nav. a Vapore, Genoa. Renamed Antartico.

In 1927, Antartico was sold to Bozzo and Mortola, and renamed Maria Giulia.

In the April of 1930, Maria Giulia was put up for sale.

In the November of 1932, Maria Giulia was sold for breaking up at Genoa.


N.B. Image source: TitanicWhiteStarShips.com



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