Cufic I

Cufic I was constructed at the Belfast yard of Harland and Wolff in 1888, for the White Star Line, and was a pioneering ship for two reasons. The first was that she Cufic I the first White Star Line cattle carrier to carry over 1000 head of cattle, and secondly, she was the first of the White Star Line's fleet to be equipped with a triple expansion engine.

In the year 1896, Cufic I was chartered to Cia Trasatlantica Española, of Cadiz, and underwent a change of name, becoming Nuestra Señora de Guadaloupe, and was utilised as a horse carrier between Spain and Cuba, during the Cuban revolution.

In 1898, Nuestra Señora de Guadaloupe reverted to her Cufic I identity, as the charter ended.

In the December of 1900, Cufic I lost her propellor in the Atlantic, and was towed into Queenstown by the Kansas City, of the Bristol City Line, who were subsequently awarded a salvage award of £6,800.

In 1901, Cufic I was sold to the Dominion Line, and renamed Manxman, operating on the Liverpool to New Orleans during the cotton season, then between American and Canadian ports.

In the February of 1902, the company was taken over by Pierpoint Morgan's I.M.M.C., but with no change to Manxman's livery.

In 1915, Manxman was acquired by Elder Dempster Line.

In 1916, Manxman was sold to R. Lawrence Smith Ltd., of Montreal. She kept the same name, and operated on the Canadian Government Service.

In the April of 1917, Manxman was taken over under the Liner Requisition Scheme.

In February, 1919, Manxman was sold to Universal Transport Co., of New York, still operating under her Manxman identity. Her new owners then became the United States & Canadian Transport Company, of Toronto, bearing a Canadian flag.

On 18th December, 1919, Manxman was lost on the Portland, Maine to Gibraltar run, loaded with wheat, with the loss of all hands.


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