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Cretic was launched as the Hanoverian in 1902, for Frederick Leyland & Co, making her the largest vessel to be built for that line. Hanoverian began her maiden voyage on July 19th, 1902, between Liverpool and Boston.

In 1903, after making only 3 trips to Boston, Hanoverian was transferred to the Dominion Line, and was renamed Mayflower.

Mayflower's first voyage under the Dominion Line began on April 9th, 1903, between Liverpool and Boston. Later that same year, after the decision to make the White Star Line the premier line of the I.M.M.C, Mayflower became one of five ships that were then transferred to the White Star Line, and was renamed Cretic, making her first voyage for the line later that year on November  19th, between Liverpool and Boston.

In November, 1904, Cretic was moved to the New York - Mediterranean service, serving that route for six years until she reverted to the Liverpool - Boston route in 1910.

During 1917 - 1919, Cretic was taken over by the Liner Requisition Scheme.

In September, 1919, Cretic, along with fleet mate S.S. Canopic, to the White Star Line's Mediterranean service.

In June, 1923, Cretic was transferred back to the Frederick Leyland & Co. line, and renamed, for the last time, to Devonian, operating once more on the Liverpool - Boston route.

During 1927 - 1928, Devonian was operated by the Red Star Line for three voyages on the Antwerp - Southampton - New York route.

On 15th September, 1928, Devonian made her final sailing, and was then laid up. She was broken-up the following year by P. & W. McLellan at Bo'ness, Firth of Forth.



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