Coptic was built at the Belfast shipyard of Harland and Wolff in 1881, and was launched on the 10th August, 1881. Coptic was styled as the Adriatic I class, because she was intended to operate on the Occidental & Oriental Steam Ship Company's transpacific route.

On the 16th November, 1881, Coptic made her maiden voyage, between Liverpool and New York, making two voyages.

On the 11th March, 1882, Coptic  travelled via Suez and Hong Kong in order to take up her station in the Pacific.

In 1883, due there being an excess in the tonnage of ships needed for the Occidental & Oriental Steam Ship Company's transpacific route, Coptic was chartered to the New Zealand Shipping Company, who were awaiting delivery of their own ships.

In 1884, Harland and Wolff added Coptic with sufficient refrigeration plant to freeze about 750 tons of capacity for the new joint White Star-Shaw, Savill & Albion service to New Zealand, an idea of Walter Savill and Thomas Ismay's.

Coptic made the inaugural sailing of the White Star-Shaw, Savill & Albion service on the 26th May, 1884, travelling from London, New Zealand, Cape Horn, South America, and back to the U.K.

In 1894, Coptic underwent a  refit and was modernised, losing all but her foremast, she gained a taller funnel, and she was equipped with triple expansion engines. The same year, Coptic went back to operating on the Occidental & Oriental Steam Ship Company's route, whilst Oceanic I underwent an engine replacement.

On the 30th October, 1906, Coptic took the very final Occidental & Oriental Steam Ship Company's sailing from San Francisco, and went off charter at Hong Kong.

In the December of 1906, Coptic was sold to the Pacific Mail Steam Ship Company, and was renamed Persia. She sailed the same route, however, her funnel was now black.

Persia was refitted by Harland and Wolff in 1911.

In 1915, Harland and Wolff was sold again, this time to Tokyo Kisen Kabusiki Kaisya, of Tokyo, and underwent yet another change of name, to Persia Maru. Persia Maru was placed on the transpacific route, and her funnels were White Star Line buff.

In 1922, Persia Maru operated on the Dutch East Indies route.

In the December of 1924, Persia Maru was laid up at Yokohama, and her furnishings and fittings were auctioned. In 1926, Persia Maru was broken up at Osaka, in Japan.


N.B. Image source: http://josephbellengineer.wordpress.com

N.B. YouTube video copyright Library of Congress.



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