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This page is a resource for people who have subscribed to the 'Build The Titanic' magazine. The magazine is a 100-issue publication that comes with several parts of a 1/250th model of Titanic every issue, with clear instructions about how to build the pieces sent with that particular issue.

Build The TitanicAt first, the magazine got some understandably bad press as the publishers, Hachette, had some problems meeting the initial demand for would-be modellers, however, these problems seemed to have been ironed-out, and overall people seem to be happy with the product.

For anyone who's not built a model before, it's a good way to learn, and because you only get a few pieces at a time, it means you don't do too much, and you have time until the next issue to complete the parts sent, which seems to me to make a lot of sense!

There is a thread about Build The Titanic magazine in the Titanic Forum, where you can see other people's models, and find out any tips or problems that might arise.

If you would like your BTT model displayed in the galleries below, please contact me, and we'll see what we can do!

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