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Britannic III
  • Builder: Harland and Wolff
  • Yard No.: 807
  • Launched: 1929
  • Maiden Voyage: 1930
  • Gross Tonnage: 26,943 tons
  • Length: 683.7ft.
  • Beam: 67.3ft.
  • Decks: 8
  • Funnels: 2 (Fore funnel dummy, containing radio room.)
  • Masts: 2
  • Propellers: 2
  • Engines: 2 x 10 cylinder, oil burning engines, 4 stroke double acting, creating 13,000h.p. each
  • Boilers: N/A
  • Speed: 18 knots
  • Port of Registry: Liverpool
  • Carrying Capacity: 504 cabin, 551 tourist, 498 third class
  • Sister Ships: Georgic II

Britannic III was built at the Belfast yard of Harland and Wolff, and was launched on August 6th, 1929. Britannic III was the second largest motor ship at that time of her launch, and the pioneer British Atlantic motor vessel.

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Britannic III featured the Harland and Wolff squat funnel motor ship profile, and her highly efficient modern diesel engines gave her a 50% reduction in fuel consumption compared to steam.

Britannic III's cabin class designation was equivalent to first class, and was also the largest afloat at that time.

Britannic III underwent her sea trials on May 27th, 1930, and was delivered, with guests, the following month.

Britannic III's maiden voyage began on June 28th 1930, between Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow and New York. Britannic III found herself cruising between New York and the West Indies out of season.

On 10th May, 1934, Britannic III was taken over by the Cunard-White Star Line, retaining her White Star Line livery.

Britannic III underwent a refit in 1934, and had her open decking enclosed.

Britannic III found herself operating on the London, Le Havre, Southampton to New York route, commencing on 19th April, 1935.

In 1936, Britannic III , complete with her sister ship Georgic II, were the last two White Star Line ships in operation, a terrible fact when you consider the once plentiful fleet of ships the line operated across the globe.

On 29th August, 1939, Britannic III was requisitioned as a troopship for 3,000 men, later increased to 5,000. Her first trooping voyage was to Bombay, from the Clyde.

In the March of 1943, Britannic III operating between the U.S. and Tangiers, carrying troops for the Sicily landings.

In the September of 1945, the end of hostilities, Britannic III had carried some 180,000 troops, and travelled 376,000 miles.

During 1946, Britannic III she spent the year operating mainly on repatriation work, mainly the Far East, and also between Bombay and the U.K.

In March, 1947, Britannic III reverted to operating for the Cunard-White Star Line, and was refitted at Liverpool, with the promenade deck enclosed along it's full length.

On May 22nd, 1948, Britannic III operated, without any consorts, a Liverpool, Cobh, and New York service, and found herself on the New York to the Caribbean run out of season once more.

On 1st June, 1950, Britannic III collided with the United States Line's cargo vessel Pioneer Land, in the Ambrose Channel, New York. After inspection, Britannic III was able to continue her voyage. In the winter, Britannic III operated 45 - 55 day long cruises out of New York.

On 11th Novembber, 1960, Britannic III made her final sailing, between Liverpool and New York. She left New York on the 25th November, arriving at Liverpool on 2nd December, the very final sailing of the entire White Star Line. Britannic III had made about 275 voyages in total.

Britannic III was sold on the 4th December, 1960, and left Liverpool under her own power, having been sold for scrap to Thomas Ward & Co., and was scrapped at Inverkeithing, as seen her in the map below.




N.B. Image source; SimplonPC



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