Asiatic I

Asiatic I was launched at the Liverpool shipbuilder of Thomas Royden & Sons, on the 1st December, 1870. She was purchased, along with her sister, Tropic I, during their fitting out, by the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company.

Asiatic I and Tropic I were then placed on the Liverpool, Suez Canal to Calcutta route during 1872, but this was not a success, and the pair were then placed on the South American trade to Valparaiso, which again, was not successful for the pair.

On the 25th February, 1873, Asiatic I made her first White Star Line voyage to South America, which was again, not profitable. Because of the recent loss of the Atlantic, and the need to recoup some much needed capital, Asiatic I was then sold to the African Steam Ship Company, and was renamed Ambriz. Ambriz was the African Steam Ship Company's largest ship, and on 12th September, she made her first sailing for them to West Africa.

In the December of 1894, Ambriz underwent a refit, and was re-boilered with higher pressure boilers.

In 1894, Ambriz was paced on the Liverpool to New Orleans cotton trade.

In 1896, Ambriz was sold again, this time to the Compagnie Francaise Colliery and Batelage, of Madagascar, as a floating mobile coal store, and kept the same name. Ambriz would sail to Europe to replenish her holds when empty, often at Cardiff.

Ambriz was wrecked off the coast of Madagascar in the February of 1903.


N.B. Image Source: The Best Of British V Naval



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