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Joanne Hindes is a daily visitor to Titanic-Titanic.com, and she was as surprised as anyone to discover that the last resting place of one of Titanic's officers was literally a stone's throw from her home in North Wales.

Here's Joanne's story...

The morning of April 14th 2002 dawned wet and windy. Rain lashed the windows, but regardless of the weather I had a tribute to pay.

Harold Lowe's GraveI consider myself lucky enough to live within three miles of the last resting place of one of the true heroes of the Titanic. Harold Godfrey Lowe has been laid to rest in a cemetery near me. Not just any cemetery, but one in the grounds of the church where my parents married, and where I myself was baptised. I was not aware of this until about three years ago, and visited his grave as soon as I knew. I felt nothing but awe standing over the headstone. This was a man who saved lives, this was a man who stood up to his employers, this was a man who went back. Actually he was the only one who went back. He was a hero. In every sense of the word. Now here I was standing over the grave of this amazing man.

I am not a special person, I am not as knowledgeable about Titanic as I would like to be, but here I was. I cleaned up the grave as it was not in the best shape, and silently paid my respects.

Then came 14th April 2002. It was the 90th anniversary of the sinking. I had been asked that as I was going anyway, could I place flowers and say a prayer from the members of the site. I was more than happy to do so. In fact I felt honoured.


Harold Lowe's Grave

As I have said already, the day was wet. It poured down for most of the day. I bought a huge bunch of flowers as it was from us all, and wrote a note to go along with them. We parked the car on the other side of the road and I waited for the rain to ease. After about two minutes it did ease so I went to the grave. The rain stopped and it seemed as though the sun was trying to shine. I went through the little black gate and made my way to his final resting place.

He is laid to rest alongside the path in a little church in Rhos on Sea, North Wales. It is about 3 miles from his home in Deganwy. It's an unassuming grave with no mention of Titanic at all. His headstone is in the shape of an open book. On the left there is his details, and the right those of his wife. Their love for each other shines through, and you don't see him as an officer off the Titanic, more a loving and much missed husband.

I stood over that grave on that memorable day, thinking what he must have gone through when out of the corner of my eye I saw something. His grave is on a hillside over looking a sea vista. There was one lone ship sailing across that vista that day, and as I looked up, a solitary sun beam shone down on that ship. I don't know about you, but to me it was almost like a message. I said a silent prayer and laid my flowers upon his grave. I then walked away. As I walked away, the rain began to fall again. It had stopped just long enough for me to pay my respects to a hero.

I go there often. I sit there and contemplate what he must have gone through that night. And how he never ever took credit for what he did. He was an outstanding man, but he never saw that. He did his duty, nothing more nothing less. He was a credit to all that night. I am not saying that because he is my local hero. I am saying that because he was the one who went back.

His is a small grave, in an everyday graveyard. It is not emblazoned with the name of Titanic, if you didn't know the history of the ship, you wouldn't look twice at it. But it is a grave that is worth a second glance. More than that, its worth your utmost respect and admiration.

God Bless you Mr Lowe. May you rest in eternal peace.






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