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Alfred Samuel AllsopAlfred Samuel Allsop was born in Manchester in 1877, and lived at 96, Brunswick Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock. He was the son of a traveling salesman, and the youngest of ten children.

As a youth he became very interested in electricity, and spent many hours riding on electric tramcars. He was also a welcome visitor to Manchester's Broom Street power station, one of the first in the country.

His interest became reality when, at the age of fifteen, he became apprenticed to the Liverpool company of H. H. Hall, who, amongst other products, were at that time pioneering the use of ship's telephones.

He had further positions with Campbell and Isherwood, where he worked to develop ships electrical switchboards.

Following short spells at Hame Electrics and the Northern Electric Company, he joined the White Star Line in August 1904 as an assistant electrician on the Celtic II. He later served on the Majestic and Oceanic.

It was during this time that he developed his ideas for a multi-clutched lifeboat electric winch motor, which would allow full lifeboats to be lifted from the deck of a ship and into the water. This design later became the "Allsop Electric Lifeboat Crane", but he never lived to see this device in production.

Following his wedding to Edith, he moved with White Star Line to Southampton, and took a house in that city at 134 Malmebury Rd, Fremantle.

He travelled to Belfast and joined the transfer crew which brought Titanic to Southampton. He must have been very impressed with the ship, as he signed on as Second Electrician on 10th April. 1912. His shift was from 20.00 'til 23.59, so he would have been on duty in the generator room when the ship struck the iceberg. His body was never recovered.

It would be in order, I believe, to say he now rests with the electrical equipment he so loved in life.

He left his wife, Hilda, and a one year old son, Philip Alfred, who, to this day have never been traced.


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