The vessel was originally laid down in 1914 at the Bremen shipbuilders of A.G. Weser, however, not long after construction work had started, it inevitably came to a stop during World War 1.

In 1919, there was an announcement stating that she would be named München, and operate on the Norddeutscher Lloyd Line's Atlantic service.

München was launched on March 23rd, 1920, but only three months later, she was handed-over to Great Britain as was reparations under the Treaty of Versailles, and then purchased from the Shipping Controller by the Royal Mail Line.

After three years of fitting out, München was renamed Ohio during 1923, and on April 3rd that same year, she finally undertook her maiden voyage on a route taking from Hamburg to New York, via Southampton and Cherbourg.

In 1927, München was purchased by the White Star Line for £1,000,000, and renamed Albertic, and on April 22nd, she made her her first W.S.L sailing between Liverpool and Canada. Her cabin arrangements were altered at this time too, which left her able to carry 270 in her first class accommodations, and a further 1,100 in tourist class.

In 1928, Albertic was transferred to the London - Southampton - Quebec - Montreal route, and the following year, following the loss of Celtic II, she was utilised on the Liverpool - New York run.

In 1930, Albertic resumed her duties on the Liverpool - Montreal service for the summer months, but was then laid up for the winter, which was repeated over the following two years.

In September 1933, Albertic was laid up on the Clyde. The following year, she was transferred to Cunard White Star Line ownership, although sadly, she would never operate under the company's ownership, and in July, she was sold to a shipbreakers in Osaka, Japan for £34,000.



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